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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I hire a makeup artist?

Great question! The reason one should hire a makeup artist is the same as hiring any vendor for your wedding- e.g. photographer, caterer, etc. You want everything to be tailored to you and your personal preferences. Hiring a makeup artist will ensure you love how you look not only on your wedding day, but each time you look back on your pictures even years from now!

2. What's the difference between a trial run and a bridal preview? When should I book?

A trial run is much like a test run for buying a car: you want to see how it feels with you in the driver's seat. A trial run is for prospective clients to see whether or not they like the artist's technique and application on your face/skin type. A trial will ensure you get the exact look you want for your event, and can be scheduled anytime you like. A bridal preview is solely for the purpose of creating your perfect bridal look so that you'll know exactly how you'll look on your wedding day. A bridal preview should be scheduled anywhere between 1 to 2 months before your wedding date.  The closer to your wedding you book your preview, the easier it will be for you to picture how you will look on your wedding day! I also recommend having your hair done in a similar fashion to how it will be on your wedding day to get an even better picture- i.e. up, down, half-up-half-down, etc. 

3. Do you offer airbrush makeup?

I only offer traditional makeup. Airbrush machines can be heavy to lug around in my kit, thus increasing the weight I have to carry with me. Airbrush also does not lend itself well to more dry and/or mature skin types, and can be difficult to touch up throughout the day, making touch ups for the bride/bridal party more of a hassle than they ought to be. When traditional makeup is applied correctly it has the same effect as airbrush. Moreover, it is longer lasting making for fewer touch ups throughout the day.

4. How far in advance should I book a makeup artist? What is your booking policy?

I can book as far out as you would like :) Typically, makeup artists book anywhere from 6-12 months out from a wedding date. A good rule of thumb, however, is to book your makeup artist as soon as you have a date settled!

When it comes to my personal booking policy, your date is not fully booked or confirmed until a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the total amount is received at the signing of the contract. The deposit will be applied to the final cost.

5.What is your pricing?

Click here to view pricing for all my services :)

6. Do you charge an hourly rate?

I do not charge by the hour within the allotted time frame for makeup application. If asked in writing within one week(7 days) of booking, I am able to remain onsite for touch ups throughout the day, for a half-day(6 hours) rate of $300 or full-day(12 hours) rate of $600. Half/full-day rates begin to apply after  the last makeup application has finished. An hourly rate of $60/hr will apply for every hour that I am required to remain onsite beyond the initial given time frame, if not notified or asked in writing within one week(7 days) of booking.

7. Do you travel? What is your travel fee?

I do! I love traveling across the state of Alabama as well as across the country :) States I have traveled to include: Washington, California, Kansas, Missouri, etc. No matter your location, feel free to contact me! My travel rates are as follows:

In Alabama/Tennessee: $1/mi <50 miles roundtrip ; $1.50/mi >50 miles roundtrip.

Out-of-state(for locations outside AL/TN): dependent upon location and date. Please contact me for an accurate rate :)

The rate for Alabama/Tennessee covers gas, whereas the out-of-state rate covers expenses such as flight, lodging, rental car, etc.

My travel rate can be discussed further depending on each client's unique situations. Should you have any questions about my travel rate and accommodations therein, please feel free to contact me :)

8. How long does makeup application take?

This depends on the service. For bridal, the application can take 1 hr-1 hr 30 mins; MOB/MOG application takes 45 mins-1 hr; maid-of-honor/bridesmaids application takes 30-45 mins. For special occasions(NOT bridal) makeup application takes 1 hr-1 hr 15 mins.

9. Do you do hair as well?

I do not. However, I am happy to provide a list of hairstylists in the area to help give you some people to contact :)

10. Can you accommodate larger bridal parties?

Absolutely! Larger parties are some of my favorite bookings :) For bookings 9(nine) people or greater, an extra artist will be required. If you decide to book with me, I need a list of all names of people needing  makeup services so that I can give an accurate range of time that I'll need to be there for makeup application. 

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